Electronic Security Solutions

With the advancement in technology in all sectors and more so the security sector electronic security solutions have become a vital part of this industry and at jim Harris we are at the frontline to ensure our clients get the best security solutions for their homes and businesses. We offer both installation and maintenance services  for already existing solutions  Our solutions include:

  1. CCTV

We offer close circuit Television (CCTV) Network of advanced-system-applications security cameras that gives high level of electronic accuracy for overt and convert coverage of desired areas. Our cameras come in a wide range of selection with a variety of recording options. Our surveillance solution supports multiple functions such as monitoring, videotaping, and alarm linkage of multiple IP cameras over the LAN and Internet. The cameras come with other advanced features like POE, WIFI, TF card on-board storage, and two way audio. We have tailor made solutions based on the clients need: This include I.P Cameras, H.D Cameras, Hidden Cameras and Spy cameras.


Our biometric Time and Attendance Systems use finger prints to capture and  record employee  attendance time. Our system has outstanding user friendly features which makes its usability easy and straight forward. The system allows arrangement of employees’ work shifts at a given time of a day/ period.We are devoted to providing a cutting edge technology with Hybrid Biometrics, wifi applications, RFID, time and attendance terminals, internet application and solutions.

Features/ modules

  • HR/ Employee Management
  • Time attendance Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave Management
  • Casuals Management

The system incorporate comprehensive reports based on the man hours computed from clocking data. The reports can be exported to excel, pdf, txt, csv and xml making it possible to integrate with other systems. The system also inbuilt payroll module which uses time / clocking data.


We offer state of the art access security systems using Multi-Biometric Authentication to suit your particular needs. Our access control product line is engaged with IP based standalone access control devices, networked access control panel, readers and accessories with Network Based one stop access control and T&A Software.

  • Biometrics (fingerprints) for identification
  • Passwords/ pin numbers
  • Iris recognition
  • Facial recognition

Why our access control systems

  • High Level of Security

With its built-in fingerprint and face recognition technology, it can prevent unauthorized outsiders from entering the building. The Secure I/O (separate controller for door control and I/O expansion) can block forceful entry of outsiders in breaking the system. It also offers a powerful security by encoding data inside the system along with its authentication management.

  • Effective System Management

Using the TCP/IP-based internet network, the entry and exit paths and status at the entrance door can be easily monitored and tracked on a real-time basis. A centralized control center can manage the entrance of business centers in multiple locations easily.

  • Affordable Installation Cost

A standalone-based integrated access control system is user-friendly and at the same time an affordable solution that can offer the optimal performance and convenient management.

  • Flexible System Operation and Management

It offers convenient entry management and visitor tracking capacity with its built-in programs to authorize the people to enter and designate the entry time and restricted areas, etc. We boast of a professionally developed access control software that is designed to manage all access control panels and standalone access control terminals. The software can simultaneously manage access control and generate attendance report. It’s a desktop software which is suitable for small and medium businesses application.

Software features

  • Menu-driven dashboard display
  • Embedded fingerprint registration tool for registering and uploading templates to the terminals
  • Quick start links for common operations
  • Individual door configuration for unlock duration, Wigand format and request to exit mode
  • Set anti-passback and interlocks between doors
  • Door interlocks for mantrap control
  • In and Out reader configuration
  • Programming of duress password
  • Real-Time event monitoring with door status icon
  • Remote opening/closing of an individual or all doors
  • Import maps and floor plans for site-specific door management
  • Reports with customized search engine
  • Multiple export formats for event logs
  • One-click database backup
  • All system changes are logged

These are alarms installed in houses to ensure the house in free from fire and triggers an alarm and activate any pre-installed firefighting equipment incase of fire in the premises. The alarm is set to trigger the siren to alert people of the impending fire. Some of the equipment that come with the equipment include: Smoke detectors, sirens, Bells, Siren Kits


Our  systems are individually tailored to provide the greatest protection. From window sensors and magnet contacts to the latest movement and vibration detection technology we will find the ideal blend of equipment to help your business remain secure. A wireless intruder alarm with a GSM transmitter would allow you to get mobile notifications whenever your alarm is triggered.



We install Baggage scanners which are specialized computer linked systems used to scan luggage for any metal or weapon carried inside. Our scanners vary in size and specification depending on user needs. But with guaranteed customer satisfaction irrespective of the size or specifications


This are stand alone detectors used purposely for scanning for any metallic device carried, The gadgets are able to detect and give sound alarms of where the specific item is.The detectors are available both for purchase and lease purposes.


These are system suitable for enhancing security in malls, schools, hotels office blocks or other busy areas, the system are designed to ensure no vehicle passes the security personnel without proper  security check.


Suited for clients  requiring uncompromisingly high levels of security. Used extensively in areas such as embassies, consulates, Malls, airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports e.t.c


These are remote controlled gates. The client is able to open and close the gates automatically using a remote without any human intervention .


Our electric fences are safe and cost-effective way to contain cattle and other livestock, as well as protect your fields and gardens from intruders, pets or nuisance animals.
They are high quality industrial electrical fences that deliver a strong but non-lethal shock to anyone who would be intruding and triggers an alarm that calls for back up when linked to the transmitter.

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